Commercial Offices

Benefits from Buddy Ohm:

  • Powerful monitoring for building owners and tenants
  • Monitor critical areas like server facilities
  • Make immediate changes to save money and resources
  • Generate data for energy efficiency and sustainability compliance

Perfect for building owners and tenants
Offices that are more efficient are more attractive to lease and more valuable to own. Buddy Ohm peeks inside building systems to help improve efficiency and reduce overall consumption. Easy to install and competitively priced, Buddy Ohm is perfect for building tenants who are looking to learn more about elements of their space that are contributing to resource spend.

Monitor critical spaces and systems
Modern office buildings include spaces with sensitive equipment, records, and systems. For example, server rooms require precise temperature controls, unnecessarily cold means wasted power and money through the HVAC. Too hot means equipment and hardware have to work harder, shortening lifespan and risking catastrophic loss or fire.


Real-time data equals immediate action
Relying solely on utility bills to uncover savings is hard and time consuming. Even facilities with expensive building management systems have gaps that hinder gaining a clear and actionable plan. Buddy Ohm can pull data in real-time from key infrastructure like HVAC, connect to sub meters to get a floor by floor view, and easily create reports for any time period for sharing with key stakeholders.

Sustainability reporting and engagement
Buildings with LEED, NABERS and other sustainability certifications require regular and rigorous reporting. Buddy Ohm’s portal and dashboards make reporting simple. By exposing building health and performance data not only to those responsible for compiling the reports, but also to all building occupants, everyone can be part of the mission to save.