Multi-Family Residential

Benefits from Buddy Ohm:

  • Gain total facility visibility
  • Monitor building common areas
  • Gain visibility into per unit usage
  • Baseline equipment to evaluate upgrades

Gain total facility insight and action
Apartment, condominium and townhouse complexes have a variety of public and private areas, inside and outside each building. Every element of the facility will have a different resource and environmental profile. Lobbies have lights on 24/7, laundry facilities have peak and valley usage of water and electricity, individual units can vary widely in their usage. Buddy Ohm can be applied in each of these environments to aid in conservation and understand total building profile. Ohm can aggregate each element of the facility to drill deep or gain a global view.

Gain per unit visibility
Understanding resource consumption by unit can be extremely difficult, especially for existing complexes that weren’t metered by unit in the first place. Ohm can make this possible for electricity, water, temperature and humidity. This insight can be invaluable in identifying waste and abuse of water and power, or for incentivizing savings by setting goals, and rewarding residents for accomplishing them.

Monitor common areas for savings and safety
Apartment building common areas like laundry facilities, pool and locker rooms, lobbies and rooftops are important aspects of any housing complex. Understanding consumption of these areas can help to rationalize residents impact or obligation on these facilities and help management adjust rates as necessary. Ohm can accurately quantify usage in common areas with easy installation, wireless connectivity between sensors and the Buddy Cloud, and flexible business terms to fit any sized building complex.

Baseline equipment, plan upgrades
Residential complexes have a mix of equipment ranging from large scale and per unit HVAC, to pool pumps, sprinkler systems and more. Unplanned failure of these systems can be disruptive to residents, create headaches for management, and negatively impacts budgets. Buddy Ohm can connect to these systems, ensure readings are as expected, and create baselines that can be used to guide future equipment purchases. It can also help identify anomalies or inefficiencies that could lead to failure down the line.