Retail and Multi-site Businesses

Benefits from Buddy Ohm:

  • Aggregate usage across distributed facilities
  • Drill into individual storefronts to identify issues
  • Use sustainability practices as a marketing point
  • Set targets and motivate employees to conserve

Understand performance across every storefront
Gathering real-time data across a range of locations is challenging. Buddy Ohm can easily be installed in virtually all retail environments to help get a handle on system wide energy and water consumption, environmental conditions, and solar generation. Gain an understanding of how local climates impact building performance, and steps that be taken to reduce consumption or mitigate risk the facility.

Use sustainability as a differentiator
When it comes to construction, resource usage, food safety, or philanthropy, retail organizations are sustainability and conservation as a way to connect with consumers and support their brand. Coffee shops, Mexican food restaurants, apparel and more have made commitments to doing right by Earth and their customers by setting clear goals, and living their commitments. The final piece is the quantification and communication of the results and Buddy Ohm can easily create awareness and engagement through customer facing dashboards, and open data practices that mean each business as access to their own data for further analysis and visualization.




Drill deep by location
Once you have a view across all locations, drill into individual facilities that show signs for improvement, or start to recognize best practices than can be replicated system wide. Conduct remote spot checks of critical systems like freezer and refrigeration facilities, or that prepared food is being maintained at a safe temperature. This visibility can help mitigate risk, validate training programs, and create a platform for rewards and incentives.

Gamify savings, incentivize action
With Buddy Ohm in place, it’s easy to set conservation goals, and measure progress against those goals like keeping energy usage down, maintaining optimal environmental conditions for customers, or ensuring cold and hot food storage is consistent and safe. Seems like the fundamentals to managing a successful storefront, but each of these areas can provide unique challenges for retail and multi-site businesses; particularly when managing multiple locations. With Buddy Ohm and its simple monitoring technology, businesses can be safer, more efficient, and more transparent.