Building Monitoring

Improve building operations, savings, and empower occupants with Buddy Ohm by monitoring your building’s energy use in real-time.

Buddy Ohm can help provide new insights for operators and tenants to monitor critical systems and drive down monthly resource spending. Industry standard sensors track electricity, gas, water, temperature and solar power generation.

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What’s going on in your building?


Buildings are the foundation of our communities – we live, breathe, and work in them. Yet we don’t often think about the systems required to make them function or how our actions impact those systems.

With many inputs and factors—like the weather, aging infrastructure, or even building occupants—that impact building energy use, it can be hard to keep track of all these systems and improve inefficiencies. Only when occupants and operators are working together can real savings and long term sustainability be realized.

Buddy Ohm connects systems and people; allowing real-time data on your building’s health to shape your decisions and strategies. 

Transform your building to work for you

Real Time Insights

Gain real-time insights to save energy and money

Review your building’s energy use—or multiple building’s energy use—in one central hub. Use this hub to easily identify areas for potential cost and energy savings.

Buddy Ohm: Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency of your building

Gain peace of mind by harnessing real-time data and creating alerts on key systems; allowing you to optimize staff time and find pathways for building improvement.

Buddy Ohm: Occupant Behavior

Change behavior through reporting and compliance

There’s been a 20-fold increase in the number of global climate change laws since 1997. Use Buddy Ohm to gather real-time data and report to compliance policies.

Buddy Ohm: Environmental Impact

Positively impact the planet by reducing building consumption

With each energy efficient change within the building, you’re not only reducing energy consumption, but also making a lasting impact on the environment for years to come.

Monitoring Solutions



A complete, easy-to-install solution that enhances your work day

Leverage Buddy’s revenue-grade hardware

Use revenue-grade sensors in your building to track electricity, gas, water, temperature and solar power generation. Not only is the solution affordable, beautiful and non-invasive, but it’s also accurate and easy to install.

Quick insights answer the important questions

The insights panel provides you with quick answers to your most important questions like “How is my energy use compared to last week?” or “What are my top consumers?”. Use this panel to identify areas to dig deeper into the data.

Review and analyze real-time data

Review your building’s energy data in real-time. With interactive graphs you can inspect your building’s systems, identify energy use patterns or potential problem areas, and ensure the operational effectiveness of your building.

Alerts sent straight to your phone

Gain peace of mind by setting threshold alerts on key pieces of equipment in your building. They’ll be delivered via email or straight to your phone by SMS so you can be notified and deal with problems on-the-go.

Simplify reporting and compliance

Monthly automated reports on your building’s consumption and spend are delivered straight to your inbox. Reports compare energy use across months, year-to-date totals, trends and analysis, and opportunities for savings.

Display occupant-facing dashboards

Create custom occupant-facing dashboards to display publicly for occupants and/or stakeholders of your building. Savings and long-term sustainability is realized when building managers and occupants team up together.

Learn how our customers use Buddy Ohm for their monitoring needs

Using Buddy Ohm as a teaching opportunity

Whitefish School District has installed Buddy Ohm across all schools in their district. Not only is the solution an integral part of their energy management goals city-wide, but they also designed curriculum around the Buddy Ohm system to get students and teachers involved.

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Monitoring the health of key equipment

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (O&G) is a prestigious, full-service health facility. They are using Buddy Ohm to help protect the up-time of their Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment and have alerts set to ensure proper power supply.

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Monitor your building today

Easy to install, sleek IoT hardware allows you to monitor your building’s energy use by the minute. Combine this with data-rich visuals and insights for both building administrators and occupants to make real-time decisions that impact the triple bottom line. Get started today.