Carbon Offset as a Service

Make a positive impact on the environment, offset emissions.

Buildings define our landscape. We live and work in them and they are the cornerstones of our day-to-day interactions and activities. Depending where in the world they are located, they can also be one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas; accounting for at least 40% of global carbon emissions.

The Buddy Ohm Carbon Offset as a Service helps counteract the full impact of the built environment while also making lasting changes for the future of buildings, global economies, and the environment. Whether reporting to the board and key stakeholders, submitting environmental compliance documents, or motivating behavior change of occupants, you can easily make your building the cornerstone, or starting point of your sustainability strategy.

Get Started


How it works:

1. Install Buddy Ohm

If you’re not already a Buddy Ohm customer, get started by installing Buddy Ohm in managed facilities. For current customers, the Buddy Ohm Carbon Offset as a Service is compatible with any of our energy monitoring solutions or available monitoring packs. Every offset–whether it’s big or small–makes a meaningful impact on global economies and sustainable development.

2. Choose an offset project

Buddy only supports Gold Standard offset projects–a standard and certification body that stands for the best that can be achieved in sustainability and development projects. Whether you choose to support energy efficiency, safe water access, or renewable energy projects, your carbon offsets are guaranteed to support the global economy and sustainable development around the world.

3. Connect with our Customer Success Team

When you’re ready to offset, complete our Carbon Offset as a Service interest form. Upon completion, a member of the Customer Success Team will contact you to help offset what matters most in your building. Each quarter, your carbon offset amount will be added to your bill along with a processing fee. The amount that you are billed depends on what you choose to offset within your building and at what percentage.

4. Share and demonstrate your impact

Once a quarter you’ll receive a report that details what emissions you’ve offset, the impact made, and the project(s) your business supported as a result. Use this report to demonstrate your business’ commitment to sustainability.


About Gold Standard and Supported Projects

Gold Standard projects have always stood for the best that can be achieved in climate and development. With Gold Standard offsets, you’re not only helping to protect the planet, but also helping to improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities by supporting sustainable development. The projects Buddy purchases on your behalf impact four core areas of sustainability:

Energy Efficiency Projects

Energy efficiency projects impact multiple sectors and typically leverage local community partnerships to ensure that the entire value chain–from manufacturers, retailers, end-users–are involved in eliminating use of limited natural resources.
Photo: Impact Carbon’s More Efficient Cooking and Heating in China

Renewable Energy Projects

Clean and renewable energy projects focus energy sources such as solar, biomass, biogas and liquid biofuels, wind, geothermal, and hydro with the goal of moving communities off the reliance of non-renewable, finite resources.
Photo: Cambodia National Biodegester Program

Waste Management Projects

With waste management being one of the greatest global challenges, minimizing the production as well as managing waste in an ecologically conscious is of primary importance. Waste management projects focus on using innovative technologies that in turn provide valuable energy sources and raw materials.
Photo: Adana Landfill Waste Management Project


Water Projects

Fresh water is one of the most vital resources, but in many places in the world people lack access to clean and safe water; impacting their health, agriculture, and their ability to focus on education. Gold Standard projects that focus on water help ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe water.
Photo: Terraclear – Clean Water Access for Families in Laos

The Gold Standard projects Buddy supports range anywhere between $12 USD to $20 USD to offset 1 ton of carbon, and all of the projects lead to benefits such as the creation of jobs, access to safe water, and improved health and livelihoods. Each quarter, you’ll receive a report that details how many emissions you’ve offset, the impact made, and the project(s) your business supported as a result.