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Transform your products, services and operations for the Digital Era with Buddy Digital Transformation Services. 

With customers around the world and a platform supporting over 2 million connected devices and services today, Buddy Digital Transformation Services can help you leverage new and disruptive technologies to drive innovation in your product, services, and operations to increase revenues, improve efficiency and transform your business to be an IoT leader in your industry.


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Meet the growing business demands of your customers and employees

From the rise of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), the challenge and opportunity for business leaders is to harness the ubiquitous, disruptive force of technology to be more agile and ultimately shape their destiny in a rapidly changing business climate. Data, advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence all have the power to leap frog your product and business if harnessed securely and leveraged accurately.

Buddy Digital Transformation Services helps businesses realize the power of these emerging technologies to provide engaging products and services to their customers; driving stronger business results.

Transform your business for the Digital Era

Real Time Insights

Identify new business and customer opportunities

Not quite sure where to start? We can show you how IoT technology can transform your business and strengthen your margins.

Buddy Ohm: Improve Operational Efficiency

Develop innovative new products and services

Provide your customers access to proven IoT technology and products and employees new revenue streams and brand loyalty.

Buddy Ohm: Occupant Behavior

Streamline production and go-to-market activities

Reduce your time to market, cost to get there, and increase operational efficiencies that drive stronger business margins.

Buddy Ohm: Environmental Impact

Use analytics and insights to make business decisions

Improve marketability, profitability, and customer success leveraging IoT technology for your products, services and internal processes.



From concept to market in half the time

Reduce your time from concept to launch to business results. Buddy Digital Transformation Services leverages our existing hardware and control modules, SaaS, cloud technologies, and smart technology integrations so that you don’t have to spend years perfecting your product.

Transform your business quickly, securely and reliably

With over 2 million connected devices in the market, Buddy has the knowledge and expertise to guide your business into the Digital Era. Your solution will leverage our existing cloud infrastructure and software solutions, but tailored to meet your business needs.

Digital Transformation: Airstream Smart Technology

Smart tech for your next adventure

RV owners can control and monitor their trailer’s most important features and amenities from anywhere – and stay connected to the comforts of home.

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Digital Transformation: Buddy Ohm

Complete building monitoring solution

Measure and monitor your building’s energy use with a complete solution that engages building managers, sustainability professionals, occupants and more.

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Digital Transformation: LIFX

Connected lights for any lifestyle

The first-ever multicolored LED Wi-Fi light launched in 2012, LIFX gives everyday homeowners the ability to control their lights and room ambiance.

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