Webinar: How to Benchmark and Baseline Energy Use

23 May 2018
Webinar @ 11am PST

So you’re collecting data on your building’s energy use – now what? With cities across the globe focused on upholding the Paris Climate Agreement, and buildings often being responsible for at least 40 percent of energy use in cities, benchmarking is going to increasingly become an important facet of your energy management strategy. Learn how to use data to benchmark—the foundation of effective energy management—baseline and motivate others within the building to take action.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to benchmark and baseline your building’s energy use
  • How to set achievable goals that fit the need of your energy strategy
  • How to engage all levels of your building community—including occupants—to help achieve those goals
  • How to report on your building’s major milestones and goals