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It's time to bring things to a close.

-Extending shutdown until June 3rd

We’ve really enjoyed being home for mobile apps around the world with our free Parse hosting service, but the time has come to wind things down. We understand that many of our users were having challenges migrating so we have extended the deadline by 2 weeks and will be shutting down Parse on Buddy on

03 June 10 AM UTC+10:30

To help make migration of your app easier, we’ve partnered with Back4App, who offer a wide range of capabilities and services to make your apps run smoothly.

Need help? Call us toll-free:

US +1 (206) 899-2525 | AU +61 1800 831 317


Instructions for exporting your app:

Login to the Parse on Buddy Dashboard (

Select the app to export

Click “App Settings” on the left-hand navigation bar

Click “Export” next to “Export Database”

An email will be sent to you once the export has finished, including your entire database as well as instructions on how to download any files you have uploaded to Parse on Buddy

For any questions or issues please contact [email protected].

For instructions on how to migrate to Back4App please visit this support page for more information.