Buddy Ohm

A simple, complete and low cost solution for monitoring the consumption of key building resources.

Whether your facility already has a large-scale building management system or not, Buddy Ohm can help provide new insights for operators and tenants to drive down monthly resource spending. Industry standard sensors track electricity, gas, water, and steam consumption, and solar power generation.

Buddy Ohm base

Sleek IoT-class hardware is designed to be easily installed next to power panels, meters and sub metering systems. Because cellular connectivity is built-in, installers never have to worry about changing WiFi network passwords or network interruptions.

Ohm Sense temperature and humidity sensors

Monitor environmental conditions in specific zones around the building or facility. Powered by batteries that last a year, these sensors can live in places where power is scarce.

Ohm Pulse and CT sensors

Pulse sensors monitor the flow of steam, water and gas to provide a complete view of usage. Industry standard current transformer (CT) clips easily connect to primary loads in electrical panels, or to critical equipment power sources to accurately track power consumption.

From install to insight

Tell us about your building

With key attributes of the building, and desired energy goals defined, the Buddy team ensures the right mix of hardware is prepared for install.

Simple hardware install

Working with a certified electrician, the Ohm base station and sensors can be installed and reporting data in a matter of hours.

Buddy Ohm: Displays Data on Dashboard

Data and dashboards

Once energy data is flowing from the Ohm base station and sensors, it’s displayed in vibrant and engaging dashboards for building occupants, and a clean, and insightful portal experience for building operators.

Ohm can pay for itself within the first year through the energy savings it creates.

When presented with real-time data, people can make real-time decisions. Ohm is like an activity tracker for buildings, where occupants can see the direct connection between their actions and a building’s energy consumption. Help people make better decisions by exposing building data that’s normally locked behind closed doors for the operator or facilities manager. Only when occupants and operators are working together can real energy savings be realized.

Ohm benefits all building types

Buddy Ohm: New Commercial Buildings

New Commercial Buildings

Complement powerful operator oriented building management systems with an engaging and modern front-end display for building occupants.

Buddy Ohm: Retrofit Older Buildings

Retro-fit Older Buildings

Find energy leaking systems and spaces by determining a baseline measurement, then making a plan for how to improve them.

Buddy Ohm: Campuses and Universities

Corporate and School Campuses

Gain a global view across a portfolio of buildings to determine where things are going right, and wrong when it comes to energy usage.

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