The BuddyAPI is an easy-to-use service that is accessible from any connected device. The BuddyAPI delivers device data to your business quickly and easily. No complicated agents, engineering dependencies, specialized hardware or firmware.

BuddyVault securely stores data globally and scales to millions of devices. Datacenters in locations such as the US, Europe and China enable devices to respect data sovereignty laws while maintaining user privacy.

BuddyView shapes your data so you can consume it in the BI tools you already use today, visualize it with real-time dashboards, or integrate it with your own internal systems via custom endpoints.

So, what kind of product are you building?

Standard technologies

The BuddyAPI is a REST service over HTTPS, which means any device with Internet connectivity can use Buddy. No agents, no heavy runtime to install.

Real-time device tracking

Manage and understand device usage as it happens.

Lightweight service

In as little as three HTTPS calls, the Buddy Platform is easy to deploy, and minimal overhead on your product.

Store device telemetry

A single, simple endpoint to which any device can send raw, structured or unstructured telemetry data for storage or analysis.

Custom access to your data

Buddy is a “data refinery” – gain access to managed and queried subsets of your data via completely customized JSON APIs.

Full-featured, mobile backend

Buddy provides a highly scalable backend as a service for any mobile application.

Cross-platform support

Build software on any mobile OS. Using Buddy is a snap with our our iOS, Android, Javascript, and .NET (Windows / Windows Phone / Xamarin) SDKs.

Focus on your mobile experience

Buddy is designed to make it incredibly easy to write modern, interactive mobile applications by freeing developers of the need to build a backend service.

Cutting-edge mobile backend features

Create users, send push notifications, and share photos without writing a line of server-side code.

Aggregate your mobile app data

View your mobile app data in the context of your other mobile or web applications, or connected devices