Smart Cities

What is a smart city?
A Smart City uses technology, sensors, and data to improve and create new city services in order to better manage resources and improve liveability.

Against the backdrop of growing, global urbanization, the adoption of smart city technologies can help to solve some of the world’s most pressing urban challenges  – including transport, adapting to climate change, and citizen engagement.

The Buddy Cloud can help businesses, cities and governments collect and consolidate the data created by their IoT devices and smart city services, creating an open data platform that is accessible and valuable.



Buildings use
40% of the world’s



Buildings emit
40% of the world’s
carbon footprint



Buildings use
20% of the world’s available
drinking water


Buddy and Smart Cities

Smart cities will be data driven cities

From smart parking to bins, a growing number of smart city services and pilot projects continue to be developed and deployed in leading smart cities. There is a limit to how successful isolated smart cities projects will be without a unifying and supporting infrastructure and vision.

In order for city leaders to truly maximize the smart city potential, they must focus on the emerging, critical infrastructure that will support the smart cities of the future – an accessible city data platform, providing for data access, sharing, re-use and interoperability. The Buddy Cloud can help by providing an open data exchange platform that takes data from connected “things” and makes it accessible, useful and valuable.

The generation of new data, and the better analysis of this data, will provide a range of new insights into how cities work. With a greater and more granular understanding of how a city operates, city leaders will be empowered to make better decisions, more effective use of resources and, ultimately, improve city livability.


Accelerating Smart Cities through smart buildings

For city leaders and investors, smart buildings are a great place to start or accelerate the smart city journey. Why?


Generation of open data for better management and planning: One of the most exciting and promising opportunities that smart buildings offer to property owners and city leaders is in the creation, consolidation and analysis of data. With smart building data that can be readily analysed and combined with other data sources, Buddy Ohm provides new insight into how, when and why buildings and cities consume natural resources – helping to uncover what might be done to reduce consumption.

Environment: Smart building projects create an excellent, practical opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of a city. Buildings can contribute 40% of a cities’ overall CO2 emissions, as well as vast amounts of energy and water. There are enormous opportunities to use technology to improve building efficiency.

Return on investment: Against the backdrop of ever increasing energy costs, smart building projects generate a great return on investment. Any savings made can be reinvested back into city services or other smart city projects. Additionally, smarter and more energy efficient buildings are more valuable and provide a range of other benefits, including health benefits for occupants.

Affordable: Smart building services don’t need to be prohibitively expensive Building Management Systems, difficult to implement or only suitable for larger sites. With the advent of “internet of things” technologies, every building can be smart. Buddy Ohm is a service that can place energy monitoring and smart building services in the hands of city planners, building owners and tenants alike.

Citizen engagement: The built environment provides the daily backdrop for our city lives and lifestyles. Educating and engaging citizens to better manage resource consumption in and within the built environment creates an opportunity to meaningfully and practically engage citizens in smart city projects.

Meeting mandatory requirements: The cheapest and cleanest energy in our region is the energy we don’t use. Recognising the impact that energy efficiency could have on national and regional carbon footprints, governments around the world have established a range of mandatory and voluntary reporting frameworks to drive energy efficiency improvements. Data from smart building systems can provide an opportunity to monitor progress.




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